2024 cases

# Species Specimen Category Showcase
#2 Feline Venous blood Infectious  
#1 Canine Clinical pathologic data Infectious Leptospirosis

2023 cases

# Species Specimen Category Showcase
#5 Equine Venous blood Neoplasia Acute myeloid leukemia
#4 Canine Peritoneal fluid Inflammation Barium peritonitis
#3 Bovine Venous blood Infectious Theileria orientalis genotype buffeli
#2 Canine Cerebrospinal fluid Inflammation Steroid-responsive meningoencephalitis-arteritis
#1 Canine Cutaneous masses Inflammation Calcinosis circumscripta

2022 cases

# Species Specimen Category Showcase
#6 Feline Pleural fluid Infectious Mycobacterium avian complex
#5 Canine Venous blood Infectious Mycoplasma haemocanis
#4 Equine Tracheal wash Infectious Aspergillus pneumonia
#3 Feline Venous blood Neoplasia Acute myeloid leukemia
#2 Camelid Skin mass Neoplasia Trichoepithelioma
#1 Equine Skin mass Neoplasia Giant cell tumor of soft parts

2021 cases

# Species Specimen Category Showcase
#6 Feline Bile Infectious Fluke infection, suspect Eurytrema
#5 Feline Mandibular mass Infectious Cuterebra larva
#4 Canine Laboratory data Metabolic Acute anaphylaxis
#3 Goat Pleural effusion Infectious Muellerias capillaris
#2 Canine Retrobulbar mass Neoplasia Meningioma
#1 Tiger Tracheal wash Infectious SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

2020 cases

# Species Specimen Category Showcase
#6 Caprine Venous blood Toxic Copper toxicity
#5 Feline Venous blood Artifact EDTA-dependent RBC agglutination
#4 Hedgehog Venous blood Neoplasia Eosinophilic leukemia
#3 Canine Peritoneal fluid Inflammation Ruptured bladder with spermatozoa
#2 Feline Venous blood Toxic Acetaminophen toxicity
#1 Canine Interdigital mass Neoplasia Extramedullary plasma cell tumor with amyloid

2019 cases

# Species Specimen Category Showcase
#9 Feline Paw mass Neoplasia Nerve sheath tumor
#8 Equine Pleural fluid Neoplasia Malignant melanoma
#7 Equine Bone marrow Neoplasia Multiple myeloma
#6 Caprine Peritoneal fluid Neoplasia Mesothelioma
#5 Canine Pleural fluid Neoplasia Ovarian tumor
#4 Canine Bone marrow Neoplasia Acute megakaryoblastic leukemia
March Caprine Facial mass Neoplasia Myxofibroma
Feb Equine Joint fluid Inflammation Eosinophilic synovitis
Jan Feline Venous blood Infectious Mycoplasma hemofelis and IMHA

2018 cases

Month Species Specimen Category Showcase
Dec Reptile Cervical swelling Neoplasia Endolymphatic sac carcinoma
Nov Canine Urine Metabolic Cystinuria
Oct Canine Subretina Infectious Prototheca
Sept Feline Subcutaneous mass Infectious Nocardia
Aug Canine Skin and abdominal mass Neoplasia Dermal hemangiosarcoma and bladder mural myxosarcoma
July Canine Penile mass Neoplasia Transmissible venereal tumor
June Canine Bone aspirate Inflammation Osteomyelitis
May Bovine  Tracheal wash Infectious Mycoplasma bovis
April Caprine  Tracheal wash Infectious Muellerias capillaris
March Canine Pulmonary mass aspirate Artifact Aspiration of diaphragm 
Feb Canine Venous blood, pleural fluid Neoplasia Acute myeloid leukemia
Jan Feline Cerebrospinal fluid Infectious Cryptococcus 

2017 cases

Month Species Specimen Category Showcase
Dec Canine  Retropharyngeal lymph node Neoplasia  C cell thyroid carcinoma
Nov Equine Liver Neoplasia  Hepatoblastoma
Oct Feline Biochemical and blood gas data Metabolic Aortic thromboembolism
Sept Feline Kidney Neoplasia Pulmonary adenosquamous carcinoma
Aug Equine  Peritoneal fluid Infectious Actinobacillus equuli 
July Canine Blood results (CBC, chemistry) Metabolic, artifact  Biliary rupture from a mucocele, pseudohypoproteinemia from hyperbilirubinemia
June Canine Liver Metabolic Copper toxicity
May Canine Kidney, third eyelid swelling Neoplasia Squamous cell carcinoma
April Feline Blood Artifact Megakaryocyte
March Feline Blood results (CBC, chemistry, urinalysis) Metabolic Urethral obstruction
Feb Camelid Peritoneal fluid Inflammation Bile peritonitis
Jan Equine Tracheal wash Inflammation Multisystemic epitheliotropic eosinophilic disorder (MEED)


2016 cases

Month Species Specimen Category Showcase
Dec Tortoise Joint fluid Metabolic Gout (uric acid crystals)
Nov Canine Blood results Metabolic Hypoadrenocorticism
Oct Feline Conjunctival swab Infectious Chlamydia
Sept Equine Synovial fluid Infectious Streptococcus zooepidemicus
Aug Feline Liver Infectious Toxoplasma gondii (presumptive)
July Dog Conjunctival swab Infectious Distemper
June Dog Bone marrow Neoplasia B cell lymphoma with Pelger-Huët anomaly
May Alpaca Peritoneal fluid Infection Streptococcus equi subsp zooepidemicus
April Canine Peritoneal fluid Inflammation Bile peritonitis
March Canine Bone mass Neoplasia Osteosarcoma
Feb Feline Skin mass Inflammation Vaccine-induced steatitis
Jan Bovine Blood Infectious Mycoplasma wenyonii


2015 cases

Month Species Specimen Category Showcase
Dec  Equine  Corneal scrape Inflammation Eosinophilic keratitis
Nov  Feline Jejunal lymph node Infectious Mycobacteria
Oct  Rabbit Liver imprint Infectious Eimeria stiedae
Sept  Feline Bone marrow Infectious FIV-associated myelodysplasia
Aug  Feline Liver mass Inflammation, neoplasia Mixed inflammation; T cell lymphoma
July  Canine Venous blood Inflammation Heat stroke
June  Feline Blood and peritoneal fluid Inflammation Electrolyte defects, suspect pancreatitis
May  Canine Skin mass Inflammation Ruptured/inflamed follicular cyst
April  Equine Tracheal wash Inflammation Smoke inhalation injury
March  Canine Adrenal mass Neoplasia Phaechromocytoma
Feb  Feline Cerebrospinal fluid Neoplasia Lymphoma of granular lymphocytes
Jan  Feline Blood and bone marrow Immune Pure red cell aplasia


2014 cases

Month Species Specimen Category Showcase
Dec Canine Fecal smear Infectious Giardiasis
Nov Canine Brain mass Neoplasia Medium grade (anaplastic) astrocytoma
Oct Bovine Tracheal wash Infectious Dictyocaulus viviparus
Sept Canine Aqueous fluid Infectious Brucella canis with mixed inflammation
Aug Salmon Skin cyst Infectious Spironucleus 
July Canine Kidney mass Cancer Carcinoma
June Equine Ocular fluid Infectious Borrelia burgdorferi
May Bovine Blood and bone marrow Toxic Pancytopenia due to bracken fern toxicity
April Feline Nasal mass Cancer Adenocarcinoma
March Equine Perilimbal mass Cancer Squamous cell carcinoma
Feb Canine Urine Infectious Mycoplasma
Jan Canine Femoral mass Infectious Mycotic infection


2013 cases

Month Species Specimen Category Showcase
Dec Ferret Adrenal mass Cancer Adrenal cortical carcinoma
Nov Boa Venous blood Infectious Inclusion body disease
Oct Feline Pleural fluid and pericardial fluid Cancer Chylous effusion (pleural); lymphoma (pericardial)
Sept Wallaby Jejunal lymph node Infectious Toxoplasma gondii 
Aug Canine Epiglottis mass Cancer Chondrosarcoma
July Canine Abdominal mass Inflammation Gossypiboma
June Feline Nasal mass Infectious Cryptococcosis
May Equine Blood results (CBC, chemistry) Artifact Errors due to delayed sample submission
April Canine Shoulder mass Cancer Synovial sarcoma
March Avian Venous blood Cancer Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Feb Canine Hepatic mass Cancer Hepatocellular carcinoma
Jan Canine Cerebrospinal fluid Cancer Lymphoma


2012 cases

Month Species Specimen Category Showcase
Dec  Canine Blood and bone marrow Cancer Multiple myeloma
Nov  Canine Lymph node Cancer Metastatic amelanotic melanoma
Oct  Canine Lymph node Cancer Metastatic apocrine anal sac adenocarcinoma
Sept Equine Peritoneal fluid Inflammation Gastric rupture in a foal
Aug Canine Transtracheal wash Infectious Bordetella bronchoseptica 
July Canine Digital swelling Infectious Blastomyces
June Canine Venous blood Infectious Anaplasma phagocytophilum
May Canine Shoulder mass Cancer Histiocytic sarcoma
April Canine Venous blood Toxic Oxidant-induced hemolytic anemia


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