Apr 012018

Tracheal wash from a goat


Case information

Fluid from a tracheal wash from three goats was submitted to the Animal Health Diagnostic Center for cytologic analysis, culture for aerobic bacteria and Mycoplasma species, and testing for small ruminant lentivirus. The herd was having a problem with chronic respiratory disease (no other information was provided). The submitted fluid was colorless and slightly cloudy (goat #1), colorless with flocculent material (goat #2) or light red and flocculent (goat #3). Direct and sediment smears were prepared from all fluids (no smears submitted), stained with modified Wright’s stain and examined. Images of the smears from two goats (#1 and #2) are shown below. Examine the images, then answer the provided questions.

  1. What cells can be identified in the fluid from the two goats? Similar cells were seen in the fluid from both goats (Figure 1 is from goat #1 and Figure 3 is from goat #2). 
  2. Is a cause for the chronic respiratory disease in the herd evident in the tracheal wash samples?


Figure 1: Tracheal wash (goat #1, 20x)


Figure 2: Tracheal wash (goat #2, 10x)


Figure 3: Tracheal wash (goat #2, 50x)


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