Procedure videos

Making smears from fluids

This video outlines how to make classic “wedge-type” or blood smear-type smears or “contact” smears of body cavity fluids and joint fluids. These types of smears are standard for cytologic assessment and can also be used if liquid samples are aspirated from other sites, such as skin or internal cystic or cavitated lesions.


Making a line smear

This video demonstrates when and how to make a line smear of body cavity fluids or urine for cytologic analysis.


Joint fluid analysis

This video outlines the procedures involved in analyzing an aspirate of joint fluid and illustrates how to make good quality smears of the joint fluid.


Assessment of viscosity

This brief video outlines how to measure joint fluid viscosity.


Bone marrow smears

This video demonstrates how to prepare smears from a bone marrow aspirate collected into citrate anticoagulant and placed into a petri dish, so you can pick up the spicules.

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