This section of the site is dedicated to cytology. Note, we have strived to provide images from smears stained with rapid stains (e.g. Diff-quik®) because this is what you are used to seeing in practice versus the modified-Wright’s stain we use (and love) in the Clinical Pathology Laboratory.

  • Overview: Real short information on why we do cytology (other than instant gratification!).
  • Sample collection: Tips on getting the most of your cytologic results (garbage in = garbage out – well not really, we try and do our best even with smears that are not the best quality).
  • Cytologic patterns: The types of processes we look for in cytologic smears.
  • Effusions: Information on body cavity effusions, i.e. those occurring in the thorax, abdomen and pericardium.
  • Respiratory secretions: Tracheal wash and bronchoalveolar lavage.
  • Synovial fluid: Information on how to interpret aspirates from joints.
  • Bone marrow: Our general approach to bone marrow cytologic smears. We absolutely love these. Challenging (always) but fun!
  • Educational videos: We will keep adding educational videos as they are created. Of course, the first one is an introduction to bone marrow cytology:)
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