May 2013 Case of the Month

Complete blood count (CBC) and chemistry data from a horse


Case information

Blood samples were submitted for a CBC and serum chemistry panel from a 20 year old Appaloosa gelding in Eastern New York state. No history was provided on the submission form. The samples included a red top tube (no anticoagulant) in which the serum had not been separated from the cells and a purple top tube (EDTA). No blood smears were submitted. The samples arrived in the lab 6 days after collection. Evaluate the CBC, chemistry panel, and representative photomicrographs of the blood leukocytes and consider the following questions:

  • What effects will the prolonged sample transit time have on the CBC results?
  • How does the leukocyte morphology from this horse (Figure 1) compare to that of the leukocytes from fresh horse blood in Figure 1A? What effects will sample aging have on leukocyte morphology?
  • How will the unseparated red top tube affect the serum chemistry results (Figure 2)?

Figure 1 & 1A
Figure 1 & 1A: Hemogram and leukocyte images

Figure 2: Serum chemistry results
Figure 2: Serum chemistry results

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