2020 Case #6

Venous blood from a goat

Case Information

An 18-month-old Nigerian Dwarf doe presented to the Cornell University Equine Nemo Farm Animal Hospital for evaluation of brown-red urine, lethargy, and fever. On physical examination, the goat was tachycardic (110 beats/minute) and had pale brown mucous membranes with a prolonged capillary refill time (estimated to be 8-10% dehydrated). The patient was posturing to urinate with no production. After a 200 mL bolus of fluid was administered to assess dehydration, the doe urinated 5 mL of dark brown-red urine. Blood was drawn for a complete blood count and chemistry panel. Results are shown in the tables below.


Representative images of the blood smear are shown (Figures 1-2). After viewing the images, answer the following questions:

  1. What abnormalities are present in the blood smear?
  2. What pathologic process can be identified?
  3. What are your differential diagnoses?
  4. What is the likely cause(s) for the high MCHC?

Figure 1: Blood smear from an anemic doe (Wright’s stain, 50x)

Figure 2: Blood smear from an anemic doe (Wright’s stain, 100x)


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