May 012017

Kidney and third eyelid swelling in a dog


Case Information

A 12 year old male neutered mixed breed dog was brought to the Cornell University Veterinary Specialists (Cornell’s satellite clinic in Connecticut) for evaluation of 3 abdominal masses involving the spleen, kidney and mesentery. The dog also had a prominent swelling of the third eyelid that was reported to have a mass-like effect. All four of the lesions were aspirated and submitted for cytological evaluation.

The splenic aspirate contained components of red and white pulp, with no atypical cells or evidence of inflammation. The aspirate of the mesenteric mass contained free lipid admixed with blood. Photomicrographs of the kidney mass (Figure 1) and the swelling in the third eyelid (Figure 2) are shown below.


  1. Which lesion is likely the primary site?
  2. If the third eyelid mass was not present, how would this change the differential diagnosis list?


Figure 1A: Renal aspirate (20x objective)


Figure 1B: Renal aspirate (50x objective)


Figure 2A: Third eyelid (50x objective)


Figure 2B: Third eyelid (50x objective)


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