Mar 012017

Laboratory data from a vomiting painful cat

Case Information

A 3 year old male neutered domestic short haired cat, presented to Cornell University Hospital for Animals Emergency Service with a 24 hour history of inappetence and acting painful when picked up. The cat had also vomited several times but was drinking water.

On presentation, the cat was agitated, alert, responsive and vital parameters (temperature, pulse and respiration) were within normal limits. The cat was extremely painful on caudal abdominal palpation, but appeared to have a large bladder. A complete blood count (CBC) and serum chemistry was summited for analysis. A urinary catheter was passed with some difficulty but urine was obtained and submitted for urinalysis.

Review the laboratory data provided and answer the following questions (only abnormal and pertinent laboratory data has been included).

Complete Blood Count (CBC)Slide1
Serum Chemistry PanelSlide2


  1. How would you interpret the leukogram?
  2. What type of acid-base disturbance(s) can you identify from the serum chemistry panel?
  3. What other diagnostic tests should be performed in this case?

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