RBC method summary

The table below provides a summary of the methods used to provide red blood cell results from the ADVIA hematology analyzer.

Method of measurement and reported results for red blood cell tests
Result Derivation Details Reported
HCT (%) Calculated HCT = (MCVxRBC)÷10 Routine hemogram, unless inaccurate (e.g. in vitro hemolysis)
PCV (%) Direct measurement Centrifugation in a microhematocrit tube Not on routine hemograms, unless RBC results do not reflect oxygen-carrying capacity (e.g. in vivo intravascular hemolysis)
RBC count (million/μL) Direct measurement Events that pass through a laser beam Routine hemogram, unless inaccurate (see HCT)
Hemoglobin or Hgb (g/dL) Direct measurement RBC are lysed and hemoglobin is measured at a specific wavelength (540 nm) Routine hemogram, except if lipemia affects results (false increase). Is not an accurate measure of oxygen-carrying capacity with in vivo intravascular hemolysis
MCH (pg) Calculated (Hgb x 10)÷RBC Routine hemogram, unless falsely increased (e.g. lipemia, agglutination, hemolysis)
MCHC (g/dL) Calculated from Hgb and HCT or PCV (Hgb÷HCT or PCV) x 100 see MCH
Calculated or cellular hemoglobin (g/dL) Calculated (CHCM x HCT)÷1000 or
(CHCM x RBC x MCV)÷1000
Not on routine hemograms, unless hemoglobin inaccurate (see above)
CH (pg) Direct measurement (= MCH in intact RBC only) From internal complexity of intact RBC by side scattered (low angle) laser light Not on routine hemograms, unless MCH inaccurate (see above)
CHCM (g/dL) Direct measurement (= MCHC in intact RBC only) See CH Not on routine hemograms, unless MCHC inaccurate (see above)
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