Clinical pathology is a visual-driven art, based in science. The atlas section of this website is geared to be a visual resource of all the cool cells and critters that we get to look at under the microscope. This part of the website will be in constant flux as we add new images that we hope our visitors find useful. We are striving to add more and more quick-stained images since most veterinarians in practice do not have our lovely Wright’s stain.

This atlas is organized into different sections based on the visual aspects of what we do. These are pages (and subpages) containing “albums” with individual galleries of images with simple, cell identification-based legends. Please note that the generic search tool does not search this Atlas (work in progress).

  • Hematology “album”: This page has the following galleries: Artifacts (telling fact from fiction) in blood smears that can be a diagnostic challenge and blood smear features: Snapshots of different areas of a routine blood smear, e.g. feathered edge.
    • Blood artifacts: Abnormalities in blood that are artifactual (e.g. storage-related changes in cells, stain precipitate), some of which can mimic infectious agents or pathologic processes.
    • Blood smear features: This has images of the “right” and “wrong” areas of the smear to look at.
    • Different species: Compilations of images of normal blood of different species. Stay tuned for more.
    • Red blood cell morphology including nRBC: Compilations and individual images of nucleated RBC (normal and abnormal) in different species (except exotics). We plan to add galleries on white blood cells ( inclusions), red blood cells (all those fun shapes), platelets, and, of course, leukemias.
    • “Species” blood: A gallery of normal and abnormal cells in dog, cat, equine, bovine and camelid blood. Other species to come.
    • WBC features: Toxic change (started adding images as various species are added) is the first gallery to be added. Now have included a dysplasia album for blood.
    • Infectious agents: All things wild and wonderful that we and our colleagues have seen in blood.
  • Urinalysis “album”:  This album contains galleries on different crystals that we see in urine, urine artifacts that mimic real constituents, casts, cells and infectious agents.
  • Electrophoresis “album”: We are pretty much done with this, but may add a few more now and then.
  • Bone marrow: Non-neoplastic conditions is the first, but we have now started on acute leukemia, chronic leukemia and other neoplasia.
  • Cytology “album”: Will be huge. These galleries have been made so far….